Professional Consulting
  1. How Do You Start Working With Clients?

    We usually start with discovery calls, an initial audit and get to understand your needs. We do not usually charge at all at this stage. Later, we mutually arrive at a scope of service and budget to achieve your organisational goals.

  2. What is Your Commercial Property Expertise?

    Commercial property and real estate in general has been impacted significantly by data. We provide conventional services in terms of agency (acquisitions and disposals) and combine it with 'proptech' particularly, data analytics and digital marketing.

  3. Where are You Based?

    We use London as a hub but have experts dispersed throughout Europe.

  4. How Can We Contact You?

    Please use the contact form or schedule a return call. We get numerous enquiries and this helps us reduce unnecessary communication with the wrong prospective clients.

  5. Do You Use Video-Conferencing, Technology etc?

    It depends.Some projects can be conducted purely face-to-face, some require a hybrid approach whereas others can be managed using modern project management tools so that they can be delivered 100% via virtual teams.


      X7 Real Estate is a ‘proptech’ commercial property consultancy. Along with conventional real estate expertise, we apply a combination of modern business data analytics, marketing analytics & commercial property analytics.

      X7 assists developers, funds, HNW private individuals and companies in achieving their real estate goals by identifying and securing property opportunities for them, helping them manage their assets and assisting with commercial property disposals.

      Kemp House, 152-160 City Road
      London EC1V 2NX